logologo #VenezuelaOG July 2021

Key Topics

Ahead of the programme being released, view the key topics to be discussed

  • Plans and vision for the creation of a new modern oil & gas industry
  • Strategic opportunities in the oil and gas sector
  • The key components of the new hydrocarbons law to attract investment
  • Financing and investment required to develop the industry
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation and reservoir optimization
  • The role of cutting edge technology in boosting production
  • Ensuring Venezuelans benefit from the revitalisation of the oil and gas industry

The Summit will also discuss the opportunities available for Venezuelan businesses, how knowledge transfer and partnerships with international companies will have a long lasting impact in the local economy and the creation of a new modern oil and gas industry in Venezuela.

The Summit will be under Chatham House Rule and therefore there will be NO PRESS allowed inside the Summit. 

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