logologo #VenezuelaOG July 2021
MODERATOR: David Voght - Founder - IPD Latin America

MODERATOR: David Voght

IPD Latin America

  • Speaking at: Session 2 - Investment Opportunities & Rehabilitation of Venezuela’s Oil & Gas Sector, Session 7 - New Venezuela Hydrocarbons Law: Creating an Enabling Environment for Investment & a Transparent New Framework

David is a gringozolano. A Boston native, he moved to Venezuela in 1991 to work in the marketing department of a Caracas-based oil services company.  After nearly a decade in the country, he founded IPD Latin America in 1999 with a firm conviction that locally and ethically sourced information, strong networks and a tactical feel for the politics of energy are the best tools to create opportunity, even in the most complex environments. Today, IPD is the only oil sector consulting firm with twenty years of uninterrupted presence in Venezuela and a growing footprint throughout Latin America.  With clients in the energy, financial and government sectors, IPD’s unique focus on the minutia bolsters its oil & gas production modeling, risk mitigation, government relations, legal, regulatory, and energy transition business lines.

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